A Few Engineering Tools

These are a few Excel spreadsheets that I've developed to speed design and analysis.  They list the common sizes for structural members, calculate section properties, and in some cases calculate buckling loads at various lengths:

Mild steel square tube sizes and properties
4130 thin wall round, square, and rectangular tube sizes and properties
Wide flange I-beam ("W" shape) sizes and properties
Standard steel pipe sizes and properties

Hardness Conversion Chart -- never exact, often useful. (Excel)

Matlab string conversion function -- parses deliminated strings (e.g. from an FEA output file) into substrings that can then be manipulated by Matlab.  I was surprised such a feature wasn't built into Matlab, e.g., like in AWK, so I wrote it and then submitted it to their file exchange.

Glossary of Vehicle Suspension Terms (Word)

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