Links for Engineering Students

General Engineering
How Stuff Works

Balsa Bridge Competition
A good site of a high school balsa bridge competition (Tacoma Narrows video too)
Some Info on testing of Balsa
Building Big
Building Big: types of bridges
Bridges (NOVA)
Hyatt-Regency (KC) walkway collapse 1

Professional Issues in Engineering: Economics, Ethics, Safety

Economics's "How Stocks and the Stock Market Work"
Financial Forecasts: basic U.S. economic data  

National Engineering Ethics Center (Good links section)
NC State's Engineering Ethics Clearinghouse (links)
Online Ethics (lots of case studies)

Safety  (also see the section in Links for Engineers)
Crash Testing at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (see the online videos in vehicle ratings!)
Crash Testing at the NHTSA

Appropriate Technology (Devices for the developing world)
Appropriate Technology Introduction
IDE Corp.: manufactures pumps, etc, for developing countries

Sustainable Engineering (Engineering for a greener future)
Rocky Mountain Institute
EPA's Global Warming Site
NOVA/Frontline's Gloabal Warming site
CARB's Air Pollution Glossary
EPA's Car and Truck Site
Recycling Links 
Human Powered Vehicles

ASME Bioengineering Division
Biomedical Engineering Network: See "Academic Programs" for Graduate Schools
The Whitaker Foundation Graduate Fellowships in Bioengineering
Biomechanics Worldwide
The Visable Human Project
Orthopaedic Research Labs at the U of M

Assistive Technology (Devices for people with disabilities)
RESNA: a society (see the Job Bank!)
Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA)
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (Mecca for Rehab science and practice)
Northwestern's Prosthetics/Orthotics Center
Northwestern's Rehab Engineering/Research Lab (good education section.)

Ceramics Web: good education and micrographs sections
Digital Fire's Education page
David Hewitt Pottery (a potter w/ pics of his work)

Student Resources
Prof. Richard Felder's (NCSU) handouts for students: (see the "Imposters" article)
Links to a Better Education: a compendium.

Life in General
Frontline: An informative TV show
This American Life: A good radio show
The Symposium: a narrative based journal on spiritual issues, written by students
Religious Tolerance: Large site of religion issues - informative and fairly evenhanded.